“Shiny Ball” VS. “Melted Mozzarella” - Focaccia help
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I am using the cookbook, “The Bread Bible”.
  I am making Focaccia, recipe page 206.
    I have measured all the ingredients with a very accurate scale. My dilemma is that it says in paragraph #1 that the dough will be transformed into a “...shiny ball”. Then in paragraph #2 it says that the dough will look like melted mozzerella. I think that the look of a shinny ball and melted mozzerella are very different. I have now tried making the dough twice and both times it comes out very liquid, sort of like REALLY melted mozzarella, but it is not forming into anything like a ball. In the second batch I even added a little more flour, and still no shiny ball. Has anyone else had problems with this recipe turning out too runny?

  Thank you very much for your help!

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