Bagel flattened
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I just got a vacuum bagger for my wife. I wanted to test it out, so I put some bagels in a bag and vacuumed it. I know dumb. It struck my bagel! I put in the freezer. Do you think I can restore the bagel or should I just throw it away. At least, I found out it works great grin

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Hi, CowboyMC! 


I’d say that if you’re thinking of pitching them outright, then you might as well take one out (or all of them, if they’re permanently fused) and see what happens whey they thaw.  Then you’ll know for sure!!!

Good luck!  Glad to see the vacuum bagger is giving its all to its work!

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If you had removed it right away you might have had a chance.  Unfortunately, it won’t re-inflate.  You’ve got to seal the bag before the bagel gets squished.  I store mine that way but you’ve got to be fast on the draw.

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I think I’ve seen Hector talk about vacuum sealing cakes and things, but I don’t remember where.  I think he said that he freezes the item first, then once it’s solid, takes it out of the freezer and does the vacuum seal.  When thawing, be sure to break the seal before it gets thawed enough to be squishy.

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Anything that is soft, squishy or wet needs to be frozen first before you vacuum seal it.  Works like a charm!

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