Pie crust made without trans fats
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Hello, Rose,
I could not find a post about making a pie crust with a combination of butter and non-trans fat shortening, or is there really such a thing? (I know Crisco has a product on the market that calls itself a non trans fat shortening, but from what I have read, it still is technically.) I would use butter and lard if I could find lard. What is your opinion on using shortening, which is non-hydrogenated and thus contains trans-fat? I have been trying to avoid trans fats as a result of reading a book by Dr Michael Aziz.  Thank you for any information you could share.

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Hi…Rose doesn’t typically read the forums…this is where we “help each other”.  If you have access to Rose’s Pie and Pastry Bible you will see that she uses all butter in her pie crusts (or lard…butter and cream cheese…depending on which of the many recipes you choose) but she doesn’t use Shortening.  We are asked not to (for obvious copywrite reasons) post her recipes here…but there are ways around using shortening.

Hope this has been helpful.


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Trans fats are bad for your health. In moderation maybe not so bad. Most of us don’t eat pie every day. Though, if one eats processed foods daily many of them contain trans fats.
Some people have reported disappointment with the reformulated Crisco. Especially when used to make frosting. I use…
Others on this forum have stated that they use spectrum also.
I follow Rose’s guidelines in my own crusts but I substitute Spectrum shortening for 2/3 of the butter. It’s a matter of taste. I prefer a milder butter flavor.
Here is Rose on YouTube making a crust.



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