Wedding Cake allergy woes
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I have a bride that cannot eat gluten or corn. the groom’s only cake requirement is that the cake is custard filled. I repeat, allergic to corn, custard filled. umm…right.  They want a riff on black forest cake (chocolate and cherry).

So the questions are:

1. does anyone have amazing recipes for gluten free chocolate cake that could be used to make a wedding cake?
2. does anyone have suggestions about making custard without cornstarch. arrowroot (i heard it doesn’t thicken well)? gelatin (would it be a totally different texture than regular custard)?

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I haven’t used it myself, but my son-in-law has a lemon tart recipe that uses potato starch to thicken the filling.  The tart is wonderful.  I would try the potato starch.

Can’t help you with the gluten-free thing.

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How about a cheesecake? Or a flourless chocolate cake- Rose’s Chocolate Oblivion? Hector’s flan?

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Not sure if you still need gluten free cake info, but I have news about it… Just this week I experimented with using Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flour mix in (my slightly altered version) of Rose’s German Chocolate Cake, and IT WORKED! (Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, pages 137 and 409.) The texture is a bit more dense and heavy than the original cake, but it’s just like a regular glutenful cake, and I am ecstatic and sharing the news with anyone who will listen!

Some changes for the gf flour include:
- 1:1 sub of the flour mix by weight
- adding a scant 1 teaspoon of xanthan gum per 2-9” rounds
- adding 1 teaspoon cider vinegar per 2-9” rounds
- remember to use the gf flour mix when you grease and flour the cake pans!

Hope this helps!

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