Cobbler problems
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I couldn’t find the right category, so am putting my question here. I made a cobbler yesterday from a non-Rose cookbook (I don’t know if she has any cobbler recipes). This was for a cherry cobbler - the cake-like top had almond paste in it, so that’s why I chose it, in my effort to use up some of the almond paste. I was using frozen tart cherries, and I didn’t have a “shallow dish” of the size needed, so it was in one of those corning ware casseroles. I had to keep putting it back in to bake some more, because I think there was too deep of a layer of batter - the top was cakey, but it was liquid batter underneath. Eventually I removed all of the cake layer, so that the liquidy part could cook more.

The other problem that the fruit was also much too liquidy. The recipe only asked that the cherries be tossed with sugar and lemon juice. If making again, I would add some cornstarch. Some of the liquid eventually reduced because of all of the extra baking time. Is it standard for a cobbler recipe to call for a thickener in with the fruit?

What do you all do when substituting frozen fruit for fresh. I had always heard that one shouldn’t thaw it, just bake it with the fruit frozen. I don’t know if that also contributed to the batter not cooking properly.

To add insult to injury, my husband wasn’t that thrilled with it. It made it because he loves fruit pies and cobblers. But just as he wasn’t crazy about the RHC pear/almond cream cake (which is one of my favorites) he wasn’t crazy about this because he thinks that the almond taste takes away from the fruit (despite the fact that cherry pies tend to call for almond extract). Boy, am I glad I decided not to make the pear/almond tart, which I wanted to - this is one instance where my husband’s preferences do not coincide with mine at all. I love fruit with almond flavor.

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When I make cobbler with that type of crust, I like to pre-cook the fruit layer. Cherries are delicate and have to be treated gently but it is a big advantage to be able to taste and correct the flavor before committing to a topping. I agree about the cornstarch.
The almond issue is a matter of taste.


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