Freezing cakes
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Well I am doing a wedding cake The wedding was suppose to be last week,but the bride to be ended up in the hospital.Thankfully she is alright and the wedding is on for this weekend.
I had already baked the cakes for all three layers,but had not frosted.I usually let the cakes cool and then pop in the fridge overnight then frost and decorate for day of pickup.Sooooo do i defrost the frozen cakes then fill frost ect or can I just do frozen?Thank you.Oh I included a picture of my latest cake,a red velvet lamb with all italian cream cheese!!!!

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Cute lamb cake. 

Not sure about frosting a completely frozen cake, your frosting may harden up too quickly to be able to smooth out the sides and top.  You may need to allow at least the outside to defrost a bit.

I don’t know what cake or frosting you’re using, or how the cake has been wrapped, but you might consider defrosting and syruping to help ensure a moist cake.

Hope you’ll post a pic!

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