Cupcake Sizes??
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Hello. I frequently bake cakes for customers in my local area, but have not been asked for cupcakes?until now. My question is, when folks purchase cupcakes from a bakery such as Crumbs or Sprinkles or whatever, what size cupcakes are they? Or, more specifically, what size cupcake liner, I suppose? They are clearly not the regular size cupcakes liners that one gets from Reynolds at the grocery store.

Online, I?ve seen cupcake liners called size 70, size 75?no idea how to judge what size these are.

Any guidance or advice?

I have a customer who wants 50 cupcakes for a 12-year-old girl?s birthday party. Trying to gauge what size cupcake that should be?and then on to converting cake recipes!


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I offer three sizes: mini, standard and large (aka Texas or Jumbo); and usually recommend 3 mini/person; 2 standard/person and 1 large/person for parties - depending on what else is served.  For kids, I’d stick to the regular size, go with 1/person if there’s other stuff like ice cream or candy and suggest that perhaps they get a few extra just in case because it can be hard to say how many a 12 year old would eat.  My teen would plow through three of that size wink

The standard size has a few variations in terms of tin size - but this is the size most people have at home as a muffin tin so it’s a good reference for them and this is the size that fits into the wire cupcake tree things.


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