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Can anyone recommend a good book or recipe for macarons? I had my first macaron at Masse’s Pastries in Berkeley last week, and it was divine! It was a pink-colored lychee-rose macaron—crunchy on the outside, with a chewy interior, and a buttery filling (I think it was buttercream). They are so absurdly expensive though—a tiny little thing for $1.25 each! I want to try making macarons. It’ll be a good way to display Rose’s buttercreams and use up egg whites that inevitably accumulate from various recipes.

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Michael, I have never made macaroons, but Bruce Healy covers them thoroughly in his ‘French Cookie Book’.  The idea of filling them with a wonderful buttercream is very interesting.  I may have to try them after all.

PS…I would post a link to the book, but I don’t know how.


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I introduced my niece to macarons when we went on a trip to Paris and she loved them. Unfortunately where she lives, there is no where to buy any of these delicious treats, so when I went to visit her we took a stab at D.L.‘s recipe. I have to say, for a first try they turned out really well! We got them to develop feet and everything. We did it at her house and she didn’t have a proper pastry bag, so they cookies turned out a little larger than a typical macaron and we put on a touch too much of the ganache filling, but overall they were a great success and were quickly gobbled up. I love David’s style of writing and his recipe directions were clear and easy to follow. I encourage anyone to make the attempt!


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