Teaching baking to our kids
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So many of our kids are not learnong the skill of baking or cooking for that matter. We are a fast food world and store bought packaged baking lacks passion , flare and real flavor.
I learned old school any years ago, cracking eggs measuring every thing and making all the mistakes that come with a young apprentice.
I mastered my techniques in time and always had a job. recently I have been teaching my 13 yr old son Thomas baking and cooking.
You. Rose and Julia child were my biggest influences, So of course you and Julia are his as well.
Today we were watching your outside video on you tube with the cards announcing your new book and I have to
share with you his comment
” she looks like sugar spice and everything nice”
“I wonder if there are many of them left?”

I reassured him there is but, they are more rare than diamonds!

How you carry yourself and your positive passion for baking radiates
in all your videos. The fact that my son hopes to find a woman of your caliber
when he gets older makes me very optimistic on his mind set.
I am enjoying watching your videos with my son and I am learning so much
myself. we are doing your shortbread recipe as I type this.
He is doing the second batch alone for his Toastmasters meeting.
I first posted this on your channel and our first batch was as allways, perfect.
We followed the directions to the letter. I really enjoyed passing on my love of good baking with my son
It is great he has your videos and blogs as a reference to quality work

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It made me smile to read your post—such a nice tradition for you and your son to be sharing.  My girls, who are both 3, already love to “help” in the kitchen, with sifting and measuring, and a little bit of mixing.  I am really looking forward to teaching them baking in the future, too!

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You might want to post this on Rose’s blog, rather than here on the forum.  You can post to any of the topics that she has written on, you might want to look for one that is somewhat appropriat, but she doesn’t read the forum regularly. She does, however, read everything posted to the blog.  I think she might want to read your lovely posting.


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Yes, please copy/paste it over on the blog, I bet shed love to see it! smile

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Congrats on teaching your son to bake!!!

I wonder how many parents have the time to do so or let me add the inclination.

We are an instant world - producing mountains of inedible, unhealthy fast food and confectionery.

My desire to bake stems from my mother and I am still using her 45 year-old Kenwood (made in England) stand mixer.

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Yes, start early! My 5 year old loves to help. Sometimes she’s distracted but she is just 5! smile Remember with baking it helps with math skills, too!

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