Making Chiffon cake without using bundt, angel, fluted pans…is it possible?
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Hi guys!

i always wanted to try making chiffon cake…its light, airy and soft as a cloud. The problem is i havent tried a good recipe on it and if i encounter one (from Heavenly cakes). I dont really get it the way i wanted it to be. Maybe because of the scarce materials i have…i am not sure.

Whenever i attend parties or even sometimes i purchase cakes from outside, I always encounter chiffon cakes that are very soft and airy which i love! And the distinctive characteristic of the cakes that always confuse me is that…IT DOESNT HAVE A HOLE in the center. I am thinking…“why is it that every time i encounter a recipe of chiffon cake, it says there to use angel food cake pans(the one that has a center on it). Then why is it that this cake is complete and its center doesnt have a hole on it?? How did they make a chiffon cake without a hole in the center??”

So…my question is. How can i make a chiffon cake WITH its center still intact? OR Can i make a chiffon cake using 2 ordinary 9x2 pans? OR…is it possible to make a chiffon cake without using an angle food cake pan?

Thanks for the advice! smile

PS: if u have a good recipe..kindly share thanks! smile

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Have you tried the 9x3 round chiffon layer in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes? You do have to follow everything exactly- pan, cake strips, flower nail, unbleached flour, weigh eggs, etc.- but it is fabulous.  The orange version is in RHC, then there are directions on the blog for lemon.  There is also a more dense chocolate chiffon layer (German choc cake or Deep Choc Passion wedding cake or Designer baby grands) in RHC- it’s very good as well.

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