Bread not rising…how to fix :(
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I haven’t baked bread in a while and I usually use dry active yeast…
but since I didn’t have any left, I borrowed my friend’s instant yeast…she just used it a month ago
I proofed it the same way i would do dry active…
but i found that it didn’t really foam up
there was a very fine layer of foam and a bit of bubbles…and the yeast smell was there so i thought it might be ok

so i mixed the bread etc
i let it rise for an hour in the oven (i had preheated the oven when i was kneading….and opened the door to let it cool down so it doesn’t cook the dough before i put the dough in…so it was nice and warm…my house is only at 19degrees C)

it didn’t double in size at all…i thought there might have been a little bit of rising but when i punched it down to re-knead no air escaped
so now it’s sitting in my fridge while i look for solution :(

ehow claims that i can use proofed active dry yeast to fix the bread…but wouldn’t that increase water content so i would have to add more flour? >_<
any way to fix this?
i’m making egg bread…for Challah ....

btw should instant yeast proof the same way as dry active? like that amount of foam?


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Aggie, I experienced that a couple of times too. Instead of wasting the perfectly nice ingredients I divided the dough into 2 or 4 pieces and froze them. I defrost and mix it with the new bread dough next time I make bread grin

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