How much do I need?
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* Doing a wedding cake for 75 people plus a small groom’s cake (all choc with choc fudge filling).
*  6-9-12” cakes

* Tuxedo style.
* Vanilla cake and chocolate cake.
* Would like to arrange them so there’s a choc and vanilla layer on each level.
* Using Vanilla Truffle and Chocolate fudge filling (this is the plan SO FAR, recipes/ideas could change, very flexible but can’t be fruit or nut based filling)

* How many individual pans of each cake should I be making? This is where I’m confused!
* Should I be torting each pan/flavor in half, or stacking and filling each flavor/pan. ie: make 2-6” van and 2-6” choc or make 1-6” and torte/fill and 1-6” choc and torte/fill or make 2-6” van or choc and 1-6” of the opposite flavor and rotate van/choc/van, choc/van/choc, etc.

Kind of confusing, I know, but I’m trying to draw out the diagram in my notebook and also baking some of the cakes. I don’t want to over bake or make too little.

Note: Personally I think it would look best as the last choice, rotating flavors, and 3 full cakes not torted, just filled, rotating fillings as I am rotating cake layers

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Almost a week later and no replies :(

I tried using the choc fudge cake recipe from here but it failed miserably. The 6” cakes sunk in the middle, while the 9” one didn’t. Family totally nixed the recipe after trying it, thought it would make a better birthday cake (forgot their reasoning at this point, I think it was too crumbly).

I’d still like to have input on how many individual pans of cake I’d need. I made a 3 layer birthday cake this past weekend using whole cakes, untorted, and it came out nice. However, I think a wedding cake made like this would be TOO much cake!

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I have only made one tiered cake, so not a lot of wedding cake experience, but for what it’s worth, I would recommend making two 6x2 rounds, two 9x2 rounds and two 12x2 rounds.  That will be more than enough for 75 people.  The tiered cake I made was a 6-8-10 and served 75 with a tiny bit left over (maybe 3-4 servings worth was left over).  All that said, you have to plan carefully what size pieces you will cut and make sure the caterer follows that plan. 

You can fill between the layers (i.e., one layer of filling).  Whether you also want to torte the cakes (making three layers of filling) is a personal preference.  You should consider syruping the cakes as butter cakes do not remain moist for the multi-day keeping period normally encountered for a wedding cake.

I don’t know which recipe you mean by the choc fudge, is that the Cake Bible layer cake recipe?  If so and you found that too crumbly then I would recommend the deep chocolate passion wedding cake in Rose’s Heavenly Cakes.  You could also make the chocolate wedding cake in the wedding cake section of the Cake Bible, if you have that book, and try increasing beating times slightly.  If you’re only using chocolate for half, then cut the recipe in half and just bake one 6, one 9 and one 12 of chocolate.  There’s also a white and a yellow wedding cake in the Cake Bible, so you could use one of those for the vanilla. 

If this is your first wedding cake, I would not recommend trying to adapt a regular layer cake recipe to the different pan sizes, but rather just follow one of those two recipes, where eveything is worked out perfectly for a 6-9-12 wedding cake. 

Good luck.

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