Tips for chiffon cakes
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I made the orange glow chiffon today (using a mixture of bergamot and minneola juice, some orange blossom water, and bergamot zest instead of orange zest). I was generally pleased with the results: light, spongy texture, but there were a few problems. My tube pan was a little leaky, so I wrapped the bottom with some foil and placed a tray in the rack below in case it drips. The cake ended up taking longer than 55 minutes to bake, and I probably took it out too soon too. The center of the cake was still a bit uncooked after I unmolded it, so I just trimmed that part out.  Also, the top really puffed up during baking, but it did flatten out after baking. The final height was 4 inches (my pan is 9.5 in x 4 in, a little bit narrower than the 10 in. Rose suggests). The crust cracked up a little bit and looked flaky on cooling. The sides were generally clean, except in a few places. I forgot to smear a little bit of the batter on the pan before pouring in the batter.

Have a look at my photos and tell me what I should do next time. I will be remaking this cake on Friday with a friend.

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Your cake looks good.  You may need to scale the recipe down a bit to fit your pan- you can line the pan with a plastic bag and pour water into it to check its volume in cups.

Chiffon does shrink some while cooling.

Rose has recently posted a blog article on how to unmold a chiffon in order to get the smoothest sides, you might check that out.

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