Candied citrus roses
Posted: 23 March 2011 10:52 PM   [ Ignore ]
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I really like Rose’s idea of cutting the peels of citrus fruits into roses and then candying them. In her video, she says they are edible, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat them. After making some candied clementine peels this week (and being lazy and skipping the blanching), I knew why. Candied citrus peels are usually cooked to the thread stage, but the citrus rose decorations are barely cooked. I’d like to make a citrus rose that you WOULD want to eat. I suppose I could candy them as usual, cooking to the thread stage, but then I would need to toss in sugar to keep them from sticking. That’s a shame, because they peels are so glistening before tossing. Is there a way I can keep the glisten but not have them stick together? Maybe I need to cook it to the soft ball stage or something? I still want the peels to be chewy though and not rock hard.

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