Refrigerator Banana Cake
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As usual, I reduced the sugar in this cake by 20% and it was plenty sweet enough for our family.  I didn’t reduce the white chocolate in the frosting for fear of changing the texture too much, but in fact I should think that would be ok to do the next time.

My only problems were some slight tunnelling - not sure why - and the sides of the cake only reached slightly less than one inch, although you can see from the pic it domed as Rose described - just slightly above the top of the 2” pan.  Might have to check the freshness of my baking soda.  But apart from not rising well on the sides, the cake had a beautiful, fine texture, just really even and lovely.  Was very happy with it, aside from the tunnelling which made for problematic photo-taking!  I think it tastes a bit more subtle than the Cordon Rose Banana Cake from The Cake Bible.

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Looks great! 

Tunneling and short sides could both be cause by a too-hot oven, could that have been the case?

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That looks gorgeous!  So light and fluffy looking! 

I think the only difference between that and Cordon Rose is oil vs. butter.  Don’t have the books right here, though.

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