question about shortening and cocoa mixture as baker’s grease
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Dear Friends
I made the chocolate cloud roll today for Passover. Since I can’t use flour, I made a version of “baker’s grease” using a combination of shortening and cocoa and did everything the same as I had done two weeks ago. Two weeks ago it came out perfectly, but this time, with every condition seemingly the same, the soufle roll was slightly burned. I wonder if the cocoa made the difference. any thoughts?

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Hi Shokat.  So sorry your cake didn’t turn out perfectly.  If you’re making it again you can just use shortening for the bottom of the pan and leave the sides ungreased (cut the cake off the sides).  Did you line the pan with parchment or a silpat? 

I’ve used a shortening/cocoa mixture for about ten chocolate cakes and never noticed any burning on the crust, but I can’t remember for sure if I used it for a roulade or not.  I do make a number of chocolate roulades every year, so I think it’s likely that I did use it for either the cocoa souffle or the the chocolate cloud roll.  I always use either parchment or a silpat for a roulade, it makes it easier to unmold and easier to roll.

Did you use one of those two recipes, which bake at 350F?  Or was it a cocoa biscuit roulade, which bakes at a much higher temp (450F)?

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