Strawberry Tart
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Here’s the beginning of my latest blog entry about a strawberry tart failure. It looked good, but…

The title of a classic Beatle?s tune seemed fitting for today?s cooking projects. Strawberries are coming into season. They are bountiful, beautiful and are ?passing the smell test?. The berries at the market this week were so aromatic you could smell them as you walked anywhere near the display.

Remembering a recent article from Cook?s Illustrated, I procured some pectin(that didn?t need sugar to gel as specified in the recipe) and I was set to go. I chose to formulate the crust of cream cheese and butter but instead of a classic pie would use a tart pan with removable bottom and fluted edges- very French, n?est pas?

Well, as Julia once said in a TV show, ?Well, you?re never going to get very far in this cooking business if you can?t handle failure!? How right she was(wasn?t she always?)

You can read the rest here if you’d like…

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