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Tiramisu Cake
Posted: 25 May 2011 09:30 PM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 16 ]
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Thanks so much Jenn.  The main thing was that I was able to properly temper the chocolate.  I didn’t realize how quick tempered chocolate sets when I spread it out on my acetate strip, so it got hard really fast.  ( the chocolate has a beautiful shine when it sets on acetate paper.)  Also, when I spread it out on the acetate strip it wasn’t very neat and I had chocolate over the edges.  I let it set and harden completely and then gently turned over the strip and cut off the chocolate overhangs.  Using my hairdryer, I gently softened the chocolate so that I could place it around the cake and then put the cake in the fridge to completely harden the chocolate.  All I had to do was just peel the acetate sheet off.

I kind of improvised since I have never made a chocolate band before but it turned out really well.

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