Pear tart and tartlets with graham flour crust
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Mother’s day I decided to make some pear tarts to accompany an enormous meal my Dad and I had planned in advance.  My dad is diabetic but he loves to eat my sweets so I decided to take this one to a less guilty level and used pear and apple sauce as a replacement for sugar and make a crust with graham flour.  Graham flour is extremely hard to find here… I even went to Central Market about 20 miles out of our town to find it, and couldn’t.  I found a recipe to make it online.. it involves whole wheat flour, bran and wheat germ.  Like a total weirdo, I failed to write down what I had used to make the crust, but I’m sure I’ll try it again and keep a pen and paper handy.  Anyway it turned out wonderfully! Not pictured but worth noting, I made a nutmeg ice cream sweetened with a touch of honey, which was absolutely splendid.

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This looks terrific!  My brother in law is also diabetic—I’ll have to tell my sister to try your recipe!!

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They look nice- love the way you’ve sliced and fanned the pears.

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So beautiful.  I love the way you fanned the pears, too.

Updated to delete the end part from before—I confused you with forum member Buttercream!

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