Help on buying a hand mixer.
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Hi everyone, I am planning on buying a new hand mixer. I already have a stand mixer (Cuisinart 5.5 quart), but there’s no way I will be bringing that with me to college this fall, which is why I am getting a new hand mixer. I have a kitchenaid 5 speed hand mixer, it works well, but I would like to upgrade to one with more feature.

Here’s what I’ve decided on: Kitchenaid 9 speed hand mixer or Cuisinart 9 speed hand mixer. Both have digital control and the same selection of speeds, and the same attachments. What I am worried about is the noise. My cuisinart stand mixer is pretty noise, especially on high, but I can always leave the room when it’s running full blast. I can’t do that with a hand mixer, so noise is the deciding factor here.

So, does anyone used/own either one of these hand mixer, if so, can you share with me your thoughts about them, especially the noise it makes on high speed?

Thanks in advance for anyone whom reply.


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I can’t answer your actual questions, but, having dealt with customer service with both KA and Cuisinart, KA’s if far, far superior.  At the same time, I have lots of Cuisinart appliances, and they always hold up well.  Good luck!  I am glad to see that you will be eating something better the Ramen noodles and canned Del Monte zucchini tomatoes I lived on then!!

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Depending on the College, there may be times you could access the professional kitchens there smile  I live in a College town and it is done here, with proper arrangements.

Or once you get past your first year, there may be housing options that include a student kitchen. 

As for the mixer, in general more power means more noise, but to really compare you might have to visit a store to see them in person, or at least email the companies to get decibel ratings.  I think noise goes up quickly with relatively small increases in decibles. 

Congratulations on your graduation, and have a great time in College.  Your baking skills will be much appreciated there! smile

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Consumer Reports rates the KitchenAid Architect Series KHM920A the best by far.  This appears to be it:

And the KitchenAid mixer gets a half-red circle on noise, which is very good, but the Cuisinart gets a half black circle, which is very bad.


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