What do I use when the flours listed in the Bread Bible are NOT sold in Canada?
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I live in Toronto… and the two specific brands of flours listed in the Bread Bible are not Canadian brands. I can get 5 Roses… and Robin Hood and other brands. Some are all purpose and some are bread flour [I’ll skip the pastry, cake and other types] but none are Gold Medal or the other brand. The Bread Bible was simultaneously published here in Canada, but does NOT cover Canadian flours that should be used, so I am asking… Rose, what are the Canadian brands you recommend as equal to the U.S. brands you specifically name?


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RsH, I live in Toronto too, but I don’t bake a lot of bread so can’t really help you but here is what Rose posted on her blog:

Canadian Flour

In the Bread Bible you recommend some brands of flour which I can’t find in Canada. We have Robin Hood, Monarch, Five Roses and then the generic store brands. I have gone to the brand websites but they do not post the protien count of their flour. Could you recommend some brands that we up here in Ontario Canada can use to make bread?


Canadian unbleached all-purpose and Canadian bread flour perform well in my yeast bread recipes. For quick breads using butter, however, it is necessary to use bleached all purpose flour or the center of the bread will fall and have a gloppy texture on cooling. For more information or specific questions regarding Canadian flour/brands and baking, you can contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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