Graham cracker cake recipe?
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Is anyone aware of where I can find a recipe for a cake that tastes like graham crackers?  I can’t be the only person who wants to make a cake that tastes like s’mores! wink

There are lots of recipes online for “old fashioned” graham cracker cakes, but they contain lots of nuts, coconut, and all sorts of ingredients that I consider extraneous.  I just want something that tastes of graham crackers, but has the consistency of cake, so that I can layer it with a chocolate ganache and marshmallow buttercream, perhaps.

The only one I have found online that seems to be in the right vein is on the TLC site, and has a rather vague recipe from some episode of Ultimate Cake Off.  The recipe isn’t clear, although I could probably sort out things like cake pan size using Rose’s charts and the amount of flour, butter, etc. to make a reasonable guess.  However, I can’t figure out what ingredients like “graham cracker compound” are (as opposed to graham cracker crumbs).  And I am a fairly experienced baker.

Any help or direction would be most appreciated!

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Hi, CM Wilson! Welcome!!

Maybe you could go with a chocolate cake made like a coffee cake (with crumbles on top, but make the crumbles from graham crackers instead of flour/brown sugar).  Then layer it with marshmallow buttercream and top with chocolate curls and more graham crackers?

Or a white cake and fill with marshmallow buttercream and ‘encrust’ with broken graham crackers and top with chocolate curls? (Or use a laquer over the cake and top with graham crackers.)

Finally, you could go with a caramel cake.  It’s not graham crackers, but it’s got the color—and if you’ve got the color, you’re halfway there on perception!! Then go with one of the other above decor options!

Sounds like fun.  I know I’d like a s’mores cake!

Looking forward to hearing more about your baking!!!!!  Please let us know what you decide to do!


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Funny, I just happened to have a box of graham crackers on my counter as I read your post!  In reading the ingredients, I see that the ingredients (among all the preservatives) include wheat flour, sugar, honey, and graham flour (which is described as whole grain wheat flour).  So to replicate those flavors, maybe experiment making a cake incorporating wheat flour and honey….and then accentuate with the marshmallow cream and chocolate shavings as you were thinking….  I am not much of an experimentalist myself when it comes to baking, but these two ingredients (wheat flour and honey) seem like they might be relatively simple to incorporate.  Good luck!!

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There is a really neat cake in another book that I love (hope that is ok?) “In the Sweet Kichen” by Canadian pastry chef Regan Daley…. It is called the S’mores Roulade. Basically a chiffon type cake using honey & Graham flour, filled with a mashmallow creme, and glazed with a milk chocolate ganache glaze. It sounds really heavenly too and I hope to make it sometime this summer. My MIL also makes a “Honey Graham Layer Cake” that sounds similar to what you are looking for - abit on the heavy side for my taste, but definitely flavourful.

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