Flour(s) for bread
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for small home baking, it seems a hassle to keep 14 types of flour on hand. i have been thinking of various means to reduce the quantity. a few questions:

1. is there any reason to keep bread flour (~13%protein) AND high glutton (~14%protein) on hand? the protein content seems to similar…
2. (related to #1) if higher protein was desired for any reason, vital glutton can always be added
3. is there any issue with bleached flour for bread - i know there have been many discussion about bleached for cakes. i read some concerns about chlorine killing yeast, but i spoke with a flour rep from ADM milling, and she said that chlorinating was different than bleaching.


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If I had to choose, I’d just keep KA’s unbleached all-purpose flour on hand.  It has relatively high protein and could probably substitute for about anything.  Bleached flour is usually frowned on due to its flavor.


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Yes to what Charles said, bleached flour doesn’t taste very good for bread.  It also is lower in protein than unbleached, so structure is compromised. 

If you make mostly bread, I second the motion for a relatively strong (i.e., higher protein) unbleached AP flour, like King Arthur for a good all-in-one. 

You will need bleached flour for cakes, though, if you make them.  It would be fairly easy to keep KA unbleached and vital wheat gluten for breads, and bleached AP (like Gold Medal) and cornstarch or potato starch for cakes/muffins.

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