No oven spring with whole grains
Posted: 02 July 2011 11:38 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Hi everyone,

I’m having a lot of trouble lately with oven spring in breads that contain any amount of whole grain flour (of any kind, but I do usually use whole wheat).  I have no trouble with breads made with 100% white flour (I always use KA unbleached AP or bread flour) but as soon as I introduce even a small amount of whole wheat flour I start having problems.  The dough will rise perfectly in the bowl for however many rises it requires before shaping, and will rise just fine in the loaf pan to the required height, but once it goes in the oven that’s all the height I get.  Instead of a nicely risen, chewy loaf I end up with a dense heavy brick of a loaf.  I’ve tried under-proofing, and cutting back to one rise in the bowl before shaping if the recipe calls for two, but nothing works.  It’s only within the last year I’ve had this problem, previously my loaves came out great.  I’ve tried switching brands of whole wheat flour (I had been using KA, then tried the Whole Foods brand, both conventional and organic) and also adding vital wheat gluten with no results.  Since it’s only the oven spring lacking I was thinking maybe it was my oven, but it was calibrated and nothing else we baked had issues.  About 2 months ago we bought a new oven which is also perfectly calibrated, and I’m still having the problem.  I’m getting very frustrated, because recipes that used to turn out great are failing on me, except for recipes using strictly white flour.  I really miss “my” (Rose’s) Cracked Wheat Loaf…please help!!!!!



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