Reviving Frozen Sourdough Starter
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Has anyone successfully revived very old (over 1 year) frozen sourdough starter? If so, any tips?

Also, I’m thinking about buying the King Arthur fresh sourdough starter again and was wondering if the brand (or protein content) of the flour used for feeding matters. Specifically, does Gold Medal Better for Bread work just as well as King Arthur Bread Flour (which has a higher protein content)?

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A poster over on The Fresh Loaf did a comparison about how long it takes to revive a starter based on how it was stored, and frozen pretty much matched the amount of time that it takes to get a starter going from scratch. However, I would think it’s still worth a try because the frozen starter will at the very least provide an acidified medium, which will shorten the time to get it up and running.

The only other bit of advice I have is to watch the starter, not the clock. Don’t feed on a schedule, but rather go by its activity - when it has risen as high as it’s going to and then held at that level for a while, that’s the time to feed it.

Re: the best flour, you might use some whole rye and/or whole wheat for the first feed, then after that I don’t think there’s much difference between Better for Bread or KAF Bread. A reasonably strong protein content is desirable due to the enzymatic activity and the proteolytic affects, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be bread flour. I feed mine KAF AP because that’s one of the flours I like to have around in general for bread baking.

Good luck!

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