New aluminum cake pans with black powders?
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I ordered two sets of aluminum round cake pans, one from Parrish magic line, and the other from Chicago Metallic (uncoated).  All the cake pans, brand new just out of the box, have the annoying black powdery stuff that are like pencil graphite.  I had this problem with my KitchenAid mixer’s wire whip, and I thought that was caused by the dishwasher.

Before I ordered the cake pans, I did thorough research on this forum and other websites, and I understand that aluminum pans should be hand washed or the problem I mentioned would occur.  But I haven’t even used them!  I googled again and I seem to be the only person that has experienced this.  I bought 4 pans in total, and all 4 of them are like that.

Is that normal?  If I wash them will the black powder substance go away?  Of course I was going to hand wash them first before use, but I don’t want to open them since I’m unsure if washing would take care of the problem.

If all aluminum pans are like this, I’m getting non-stick instead.  I’d rather ingest Teflon flakes than graphite powder.

By the way, if you’re curious about magic line and chicago metallic, Magic Line is a lot better.  It’s thicker and heavier.

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That’s very curious.  Does the powdery stuff look as though it will dust off or wash off easily? 

The discoloration that comes from putting aluminum in the dishwasher doesn’t appear powdery and is very tough to remove, despite the fact that it can rub off on things.

Thanks for the info comparing the pan weights smile

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