Caramel buttercream
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Has anyone made caramel buttercream using French buttercream? I pulled some plain French buttercream out of the freezer with an idea for a cake in mind. However, I haven’t found any info on whether or not caramel will taste okay with a French buttercream. Is half a cup an appropriate amount to add (my buttercream is reduced sugar already).


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I’m not totally sure what French buttercream is, but I know Rose has a caramel Silk Meringue Buttercream.  In this recipe, you caramelize the sugar before making the custard. If you have a buttercream already done in the freezer and add caramel to it, I’m afraid it will be over-sweetened, but you say it’s already reduced sugar, so maybe not.  You could add caramel to taste and, if it does get overly sweet, perhaps just add more butter to it.

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By caramel, do you mean caramelized sugar?  Will you try to dissolve it or break it up into chunks and make it a cruchy bc? 

If you’re going to dissolve the caramel in milk, you’ll need to keep the liquid quanity very low to keep from breaking the emulsion (check the flavor additions and limit accordingly).

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