Yet another mixer question
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I am new here and have been enjoying the thoughtful and enthusiastic remarks in this forum.  Many thanks in advance for reading and possibly participating in yet another mixer discussion. 

At this time, and for the foreseeable future I cannot justify purchasing the larger KA stand mixer and am considering alternatives that are an improvement on my 1950/60ish Hamilton Beach mixer (which does sport a nice retro appearance but those beaters, well, no so much). 

A friend of mine mentioned that she has a 10 year old KA mixer that is the 4.5 quart size.  I would like to buy it from her knowing she has only used it once in a while.

Two questions: 

First, is this version of the KA suitable for use with the recipes in Rose’s books in terms of speeds specified, bowl size, etc.  If not optimum, is it an improvement over what I currently have (see above).

Second, I want to pay my friend a completely fair price, and if anything, err on the high side.  I’m guessing this is an older, lower end model but it does come with the whisk, paddle, and hook. 

All thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. 

And on a separate topic, Rose, I am a convert!!!!  I just love weighing these ingredients per the gentle suggestion in the new book.  The light has dawned!

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I have a 4.5 qt KA mixer, and so far, all the cakes I have made have worked perfectly with the mixing times etc. that Rose specifies.  My mixer is about 20 years old, but I don’t think they have changed anything significantly (it still works just like new).  Good luck!

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