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Please can you help me?I live in the UK and I feel really lost and confused,What is the bleached flour ?is it the same (cakeflour)?how can make cake flour from plain flour?should I always use cake flour in all cake recipes?and my big problem is MY CAKE FALL IN THE MIDDLE is it better to turn the oven temp.down?because I feel that my oven is too hot.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi Maya and welcome.

Bleached flour is treated with one of several chemical agents to whiten it and to rough up the surface of the flour particles.  It is available in the U.S. as either cake flour (about 8% protein) or All-purpose flour (around 10-11% protein).  American cake recipes that call for softened butter need bleached flour to keep the butter in suspension.  Sponge-type cakes and cakes made with oil do not necessarily need bleached flour.  In many countries outside the U.S., bleached flour is not available to the home baker.  There are two ways to work around this, first to heat-treat flour to mimic the effects of bleaching.  Search over on the blog for “Kate flour” for details of this method.  The second approach is to cut the flour with potato starch and adjust the leavening.  This approach can also be found over on the blog, search for “Power of Flour”, there are four parts, I believe.

As for the cake sinking in the middle, that could be a result of your unbleached flour.  It could also be a sign of underbaking, either by time or temp (oven too cool or not long enough baking time).  Or it could be from too little flour or from too much butter or sugar, if your weights were off.

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Does bleached four is the same quality with the flour that aged by time? Which is much good for baking?


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I’m in the UK too and have recently found a UK supplier for American Swans Down cake flour. Here is the link: http://www.americansweets.co.uk/ready-to-bake-61-c.asp

The cake flour is worth the cost if you enjoy cake making :D At least buy it once just to experience the difference. It’s amazing.

As for your cake falling, I suspect the flour first. Buy an inexpensive oven thermometer to check oven temperature to rule that out. A little trick I have just started to do is dropping the cake onto the counter when it comes out of the oven. It breaks up the molecules or something to allow steam to escape which prevents falling…or something like that lol! I have the Science of Cooking book around here somewhere that explains why it works…

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