Thank you, baking gurus and Rose!
Posted: 12 September 2011 09:33 PM   [ Ignore ]
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As noted before, all of a sudden my cakes were not rising and, in general, not cooking well. Everyone here knows how perfect Rose’s recipes are.
Well, I posted the problem and a member told me about storing my flour and sugar in the fridge or freezer. I followed that advice plus one more…
Buy an oven thermometer! I bought one, used it to preheat my oven and guess what? My oven was off by 50 degrees! Along with the properly stored ingredients I am back in the kitchen and baking.
I know, I know, one of the first things Rose says is to check your oven by investing in a good oven thermometer and I failed to do that because the oven was new and a really good brand.
Thank you bakers! :D

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