What are your favorite cakes? I need combo ideas that work.
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Hi there,

I’m baking a cake for my mom’s bday. I have the Cake Bible book, but can’t decide on a cake. I’m a beginner, so I want to do one of the oil/butter cakes.
The real problem is I really don’t have a great imagination and without pictures of cakes, or suggestions for the entire cake, i don’t fare well.

So, what cakes are your favorite (choc. or vanilla), with what filling, and what icing?  No liqueur, there will be little kids eating it.
Thank you sooooo much for any help!

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Definitely consider many of the pairings offered by Rose in the book.  She has great taste sensibilities.  Kids would likely love something like the chocolate fudge cake and could frost with her suggestion of milk chocolate buttercream.  I personally love the light whipped ganache.  My favourite cake in the book (so far—haven’t made every one) is the Triple Chocolate Cake—soo good but has some liqueur.  I also love a buttermilk cake with milk chocolate frosting—one of the recent posts was of a white/yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting and I think it would be delish!

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My kids love the all occasion downey yellow cake with dark chocolate ganache and chocolate mouselline.  It is moist, flavourful but not too overwhelming with chocolate.  They also like the white velvet cake with raspberry mouselline.

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I’ve only just started with The Cake Bible, but so far we love the Perfect All American Chocolate Butter Torte. I’d pair it with the Caramel Silk Meringue Buttercream, which I really liked with the Perfect All American Chocolate Butter Cake. The light whipped ganache is also amazing with the Chocolate Butter Torte. For a non-chocolate option, last weekend I made cupcakes with the Sour Cream Butter Cake. It was fantastic with Raspberry Silk Meringue Buttercream (though I can’t wait to try the Raspberry Neo-Classic with it!)

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