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Hi all.. I’ve been intrigued by the company that Rose mentioned that’s selling folding bread proofers.. It sounds like a great product, but, I’m hesitating from buying one in part because my oven has a bread proof setting that seems to work ok. Doing a bit of research, it seems like the oven setting’s temperature is a little higher than recommended for proofing, so I’m guessing that it’s overdoing it. Do you use your oven’s proof setting? Is it the best way to go?


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Hi Mary,

I used to use the proof setting, but it is 100 degrees farenheit, and at least in Summer I have no need to use it since starting The Bread Bible’s method of starting with a bread sponge.  My kitchen temp in Summer hovers around 80 degrees.  Using the oven setting requires steam and may cause the bread to rise more quickly than you want, but I usually do not find that to be the case.

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If you’re letting bread dough rise at 100F, it will develop less desireable flavors than dough proofed at 80-85F.


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