puff pastry different ways
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puff pastry different ways
I once saw a baker (Eastern European) make what was a “near” puff pastry using oil for the detrempe, and shredding frozen butter on the rolled out detrempe, than folding and rolling in the usual manner of puff pastry making only not as many turns.  it turned out beautifully, was a whole lot less work than classic puff pastry.  Is anyone familiar with this method?  I don’t remember the oil/water/flour proportions and I’d like to try it.


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Rose has a quick puff pastry in the Pie/Pastry Bible but it doesn’t use oil.  It is my go-to puff pastry because it is plenty flaky, but distorts less when baked.

Sorry, I haven’t seen the dough made with oil.  Maybe there is a middle eastern name for the flaky pastry?  I believe they were making it long before the French, so it might just be a classic middle eastern recipe.

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