Microwave Oven : Help :(
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I am back to baking almost after 10months, I was expecting and have delivered baby boy. We also shifted back to India. I bought a microwave oven here which says : 900W mICRO + 1300W GRILL + 1600W convection and then I tried baking a cake and it was a disaster.I am very very upset. Previously I had a very good Oven it baked wonderful cakes now all my cakes are disaster, I think it is problem with my microwave ( with turntable),

My questions are :-

1: I read somewhere in a Microwave there is no need to pre heat the oven , is it true ?
2: My Microwave oven has combination cooking facility: while baking cake , should I only choose to bake or should i use combi as baking and cooking ?
3. I had this awesome oven in Tokyo , where I use to pre heat and then bake the cake , I did the same in my microwave oven and it came out very hard , where did I go wrong ?

I have baked so good cakes before , I even use to take orders for birthdays now my cakes are disaster :((((

Please help me.

Thanks in advance

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sagarika, you might want to check your flour in addition to your oven, in a new location flours can have very different characteristics.

As for your oven, you definitely don’t want to have the microwave function on, only the convection baking.  For any convection oven, you should lower the temp by 25F to account for the convection.

Aside from that, could you tell us a little more about how the cakes are turning out?  Are they falling?  dry?

And how much space is around the cake, is this a smaller oven?

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