Italian Cream Cake
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I tried to find Rose’s recipe for an Italian Cream Cake but must be looking for the wrong one. Can someone tell me which cake recipe qualifies? I’ve tried the traditional recipe found in numerous books but they all tend to be too dry. I have the Cake Bible but am still lost.

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Rose doesn’t have a cake in the Cake Bible by the name of Italian Cream Cake.

I googled it, and it looks like an American-style butter cake made with buttermilk, pecans and coconut, then layered with cream cheese frosting.

I would recommend Rose’s sour cream butter cake, as this is a thicker batter than the buttermilk country cake and will support add-ins like nuts and/or coconut.  Be sure to chop the nuts into smaller pieces so they aren’t too heavy and don’t sink in the batter.

For the filling and frosting, her cream cheese buttercream, made with white chocolate, would be perfect.

Good luck, and please post your results.

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