Chocolate Buttercream help
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Hi all!

So the other day I made the Milk Chocolate Buttercream from TCB and it came out a bit stuff.  It was great when I had JUST made it, but I left it out at room temperature overnight (since it can stay out for 3 days) and it got very stiff.  I rebeat it and used my torch to the side of the bowl to slowly heat it up a bit and it came back, but once it set, it was pretty hard.

I need to make a chocolate mocha buttercream for an upcoming cake, and was curious if any of you know of a recipe you would recommend.  The cake will be 2 layer, with mocha on the outer, and then fondant on top of that.  I need something that will be soft but not SUPER soft, and also can firm up but not be terribly stiff like the milk chocolate BC.  I have to use chocolate and marshmallow fondant on top of the cake for decoration and I just wanted to make sure it would hold the fondant without collapsing, but not be so stiff. 

Make sense?

I’m thinking Bill’s Buttercream with some espresso powder mixed into a touch of water or Kaluha… any naysayers?

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I think Julie anf Anne have both had great success with light whipped mocha ganache.  Perhaps they will chime in. I think the texture would be ok although it doesn’t get perfectly smooth like bc.

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Yes, the mocha light whipped ganache in RHC is very, very delicious!  But I don’t know how long you need to keep it at room temp, the LWG can stay out for 1 day at cool room temp.

Bill’s buttercream is an Italian Meringue-based buttercream and I think your idea of adding some coffee to that is fine.

Chocolate-Egg White buttercrream is even easier than mousseline, and takes more chocolate.  I made it recently, using a little Green& Black’s 70% espresso chocolate along with the regular 60% chocolate, and it was very good.

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