Can Whoopie Pies be made from any cake batter
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Hello All,

I was wondering can you use any cake batter to make whoopie pies? Do you have to modify the recipe in a certain way if not?. I want to make all the different flavor cakes I make into whoopie pies and I was just wondering would it require a change?

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Hi, Dee!

I’d say that if you have a whoopie pan that “contains” the batter, you can use any cake recipe, because you don’t have to worry about them spreading and being whoopie pancakes.  However, if you’re going to make them on a cookie sheet, you will need a thicker batter.  I haven’t spent much time figuring out how the batter is thickened or structure added (eggs/more flour/less liquid), but I would think that one element would be less baking powder (to strengthen the structure and let them dome).

Good luck—and if you modify batters with success, please tell us what you did!


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I’ve made them from the same batter BUT you typically have to use more flour so they don’t spread out too thin like a pancake.  You also don’t want to add so much flour that they’re too dense and hard and don’t spread at all.  I have a really good chocolate cake recipe that I hate deviating from, and I always just add more flour, but I always forget to measure it.  I put it in a piping bag and pipe them out.  I bought Sarah Billinglsey’s book Whoopie Pies and it’s an extremely helpful book with a HUGE assortment of flavors and combinations.  I’m sure her recipies are online somewhere!

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