angel food cake or chiffon cupcakes help please
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It’s been years since i’ve tried to make cupcakes with chiffon or any type of meringue based batter because mine always collapses in the middle and sink :(

So I was hoping to get some input to how to make the cupcake not fall in the middle

my experience with baking the cupcakes or mini cupcakes was that the cake will bubble nicely in the oven. Get that nice round top…the moment I take it starts to deflate….eventually it’ll deflate to a point where it actually sinks into the cake :(
Even when I tried to turn them upside down for cooling they’ll still sink a bit in the middle

the cupcake liners i use are the standard north american ones where they’re soft and will bend/expand/collapse with the cake so the paper does not provide any structural support for the cake.

I brought some new cupcake liners from hk that I have yet to try. Those cupcake liners will stand on it’s own. They don’t need a cupcake pan to be baked in as the paper is fairly stiff. I was hoping the might solve my problem but I haven’t tried them out yet.

Has anyone every been able to make meringue based cupcakes and what are some tips/tricks you use?
(flour? cake flour? unbleached all purpose flour? etc)



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Aggie, I haven’t tried to make angel food cupcakes, but I have made them with Rose’s classic chiffon.  The only thing I did to minimize shrinking was to bake them to an internal temp of about 188-190F, so just barely done.  Cooking even a little bit longer increased shrinking.  They still shrank some, and flattened some, but didn’t dip.  Frosting usually covers any small imperfections of shape, and they are so very delicious that I think they’re worth making.

Rose has her wonderful chiffon all portioned out for cupcakes, and with a slightly tweaked formula, in RHC (bostini).

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Hi Aggie, in Rose’s recipe for the Bostini, she recommended using silicone cupcake molds for the chiffon cupcakes.  I think this will help with the rising and dipping problems because of the equal heat distribution all throughout the pans while baking.  Also, I think one of the possible reasons for the dipping could be the leavening that you use…maybe it needs to be lessened.


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test number 1
Not from Rose’s book but similar to chiffon cakes
Japanese Cheesecake in silicon cupcake molds
um…first time I did it…I guess I over baked it by a little and it caved down in the middle
second time it turned out pretty good
stayed flat rather then having a bump or collapsing…

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