Will My Cake Dry Out
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I am catering a shower and the husband wants yellow cake with chocolate icing however everything is being done in small bites so I can’t do a whole cake. I was thinking of doing petit fours but I don’t want to cover them in poured fondant. So I was wondering A. if I just have the cake in squares ( layer of cake, icine, layer of cake, icing) on a tray how long will they last before the air starts to dry them out. (using an oil cake) B. I have never tasted the chocolate laquer glaze but I was wondering should I used that to cover the cake? I would prefer to use ganache but I don’t know if it will set up or if it can be poured like the glaze.


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It would be more work, but you can glaze them with ganache and then mask the sides with chocolate jimmies (aka vermicelli or sprinkles); but use the real chocolate vermicelli otherwise the fake stuff tastes like wax and because it’s small, it would be very noticeable.  You could use other things to mask the sides - dried cake crumbs, pulverized cookies, chopped nuts if they’re allowed…. use small cupcake liners to put them in to avoid fingers touching them while on display…

For what it’s worth, I use coating chocolate to glaze petit fours - the chocolate goes on much like poured fondant, but it’s more pleasant to eat.  My go-to brand is Felchlin’s Ultra Gloss coating; sold through Swiss Chalet Fine Foods; you can use pate a glace too if you have access to it.

Another alternative is mini cupcakes; the paper would help prevent drying and you can swirl on some ganache for the top and not need any further decoration….


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