Flavor change in sourdough
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First of all, I hate starting new threads when the answer is probably right under my nose; however, I’m doing it anyway because I simply can’t find a satisfying answer.

Why does the flavor, especially the sour flavor and aroma, of sourdough take a day or two to develop?  I am new to sourdough after several months with my new native starters, and have been eating the bread before it gets sour, apparently.  I have fed and fed, folded and deflated, proofed and retarded but the fresh loaves are very mild.

Fortunately my last batch of two test loaves was too much to devour before bedtime, so I had it left for two days, and it is getting more sour by the hour.

I’m looking for a technical answer, I think.  It is obvious that the acidic components of the bread are developing after the bread has cooled and stood on the counter top for a day or so.  Is this an oxidation process?  Biological?(the bread was 208 degrees F coming out of the oven.) My imagination? Magic?

I have found numerous references to this change, but no explanation so far.

I haven’t been to the actual paper literature yet, except for the Bread Bible,  which is beginning to look like an antique from the stains, notes, inserted page markers, etc.  I love that book by the way.

I would appreciate any hints, references, or even wild guesses at this point.

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