Baking genoise in rectangle deep sheet pans
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I have always been curious about baking genoise sheets in rectangular sheet pans.

While I am aware of bakeries baking the genoise sheets in jelly roll pans and layering and stacking them, I need to feed a crowd and Storing in my fridge is an issue. Can I bake one genoise layered sheet cake in a deep rectangle pan, torte and fill/ frost it instead of baking 2 9 inch layer cakes? Would that compromise quality since it is a higher/biggercake? Would I need a flower nail? Can I torte it easily?

On the other hand if I were to bake sheets in 2 batches in a jelly roll pan the same recipe and then stack and fill them, would that be easier?

Any body ever tried baking a genoise sheet in a 2 or 3 inch deep rectangle pan?

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I’d go with the jelly roll pan;if you can use a pan extender that would be perfect.


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