Frangipane Poundcake
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Does anyone have a recipe for a Frangipane Poundcake that has a fine melting texture and rich almond flavour? I have been tinkering with my recipe for years, and every time I get it almost right - the brand of almond paste I used is not available next time! I think the sugar quotient in the paste is a huge factor - as too much sugar in cakes baked here at 3000 Ft in Alberta just plays havoc with results. It needs to be a recipe that I can bake into layers for wedding cakes. BTW -I just tried a Lemon Poundcake from Shirley Corriher’s Bakewise and it was a real disaster! (too high in sugar, too low in flour?).

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“Flour” has a recipe for frangipane that doesn’t require almond paste.


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If you need to be able to bake it in layers, what about TCB golden almond cake?  It’s a layer cake, not a pound cake, but it does work in layers.

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