what size cake pans should I buy ?
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I just have a 6 ” pan right now and I would like to buy more,ideally I would want to bake 3 sizes,small ,medium and large cakes but im not sure wht sizes to buy ,can anyone give some suggestions .

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You have a lot of options.  Most layer cake recipes will call for 9” pans.  Some recipes call for a loaf (rectangle) pan.  Roses Heavenly Cakes and The Cake Bible will give instructions for baking in other sizes.  Consider choosing your next cake pan based on the recipes you next want to bake.


So many recipes - so little time.

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Hi, Salmat!

A 6x2” pan makes just under 1/2 recipe for a 9x2” pan, so that’s a handy size!
I’d devinitely get two 9x2” pans—they’re the most common.
Then I’d get 3 8x2 (or 8 x 1-1/2”) pans—they’re handy becuase a recipe for two 9x2 layers makes three 8x2 (or 8x1.5), so you get a smaller, but taller cake, without really having to do any adjustments.

I know I didn’t get you a truly large pan, but sometimes adjustments can be fussy for those, anyway!!!!!

Good luck!


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Hi Salmat,

I’d also vote for an 8x8 or 9x9 by 2” high square pan—useful for brownies/bars, buns.  I also like a 9 x 13” which will be just a little smaller than a recipe for 2—9” pans (But I’d go ahead with a recipe and use it in the pan).  Also if you want larger pans for your oven, I’d likely check out a 12” round—you could use a 6”, 9” and 12” for a wedding cake—a 14” round is the largest I can fit in my oven.  Also a nice bundt pan is handy to have!!

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