Height of springform pans
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In the Cake Bible whenever a 9 inch springform pan is called for, does it mean a 9*2 or 9*3 inch pan ? I have a dark 9*3 inch springform pan. Will it work for the recipes. I read that regular 3 inch deep pans do not work well for the butter cakes , so I was wondering about the height of the springform pans.
Also, what can I do to ensure even baking in shaped pans (like the Wilton ones) ? Most of them call for one cake mix , so I assume any 2 layer 9 inch cake recipe should be enough . Do Rose’s All Occasion Downy Yellow Cake or White Velvet Cake work well for the specialty pans ? I once tried the White Velvet recipe in the Crown pan and I feel it was a bit dense.

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For the springform, they can be either 2.5” tall or 3” tall, if the recipe says springform.  If your pan is dark, you may need to lower the oven temp

Sorry, I don’t know about the specialty shaped pans, depends on the shape and size.  You could try comparing them to standard pan sizes to adjust baking powder, and you can pour water into them to measure volume.  Good luck!

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In RHC, Rose said she prefers the Parrish Magic Line Cheesecake pan (with removable bottom) to use instead of a springform pan. I have the 3 inch height in all sizes. Mine never leaked. I get a lot of use out of them and always use them instead of a springform and when 3 inch heights are required on ordinary pans.  They are great.


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