Sponge cake recipe for breadmaker
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Hi all,

Where can I find a sponge cake (Genoise) recipe for bread machine (breadmaker) without adding baking powder?  TIA


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Having tried following recipe twice but failed.


The principle in making Genoise behind is;

- whip egg foam at turbo speed.  It makes the batter increasing its volume to >triple of the original size, building a sponge batter with tiny air bubbles as support.
- bake Genoise in high temperature, 350deg F, to set its shape in a short/quick time

This principle is analogous to manufacturing foam rubber.

The design of a breadmaker is allowing users putting all ingredients in the baking pan.  Press the button and the breadmaker performs all manual task (the rest of the job).

I suppose the only possiblity to make Genoise with the help of a breadmaker is;

- whip the egg foam in a mixer/blender
- switch on the breakmaker without ingredient, allowing it to build up a hot chamber at temperature of 350deg F
- pour the batter into the baking pan allowing it to set its shape in a quick time before the tiny bubble burst (baking about 25~30 min).

Another problem I’m trying to solve is the substitute of sugar in whipping process.  Otherwise we eat lot of sugar in tasting Genoise.


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Gene - 26 March 2012 04:38 AM

The genoise needs the egg foam to be light and delicate. Other cakes use baking powder and breads use yeast. You can beat the egg foam by hand with a whisk or with any number of machines. A blender will not work.
The goal is to add the dry ingredients without losing all of the bubbles. If you have beaten the egg whites correctly the foam should last long enough for the bread machine to bake it without preheating.
The sugar is important to the structure of this cake so worry about that later.
Another problem will be getting the cake out of the bread maker. The genoise is baked in a flat cake pan and it can be very delicate and tend to stick even to teflon. You probably should put some butter or oil on the baking pan and let the cake cool completely before you try to get it out of the pan.
YouTube is a great tool. Try this video of Rose’s



Thanks for your advice and link.

I saw that video before including other related video.

I have no problem on whipping egg foam with Braun Multiquick 5.  The resulting volume was triple of its original volume.  The batter was thick similar to the video.  My problem is baking.  I don’t have baking oven but microwave oven.  The latter is NOT suitable for baking.  Therefore I used Kenwood BM450 breadmaker instead.


This was my second round.  I’ll make a 3rd round with the steps mentioned in my previous posting.  Also I’ll use a dash of salt in whipping the eggs NOT sugar and acid (lemon juice) as stabiliser keeping the tiny bubbles in the batter without bursting.  At the end of whipping I’ll add a small amount of sugar for taste and whip another 14 second at turbo speed.

I’ll come back afterwards.  Thanks


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G?noise (my first orange sponge cake)

Kenwood Breadmaker BM450

Braun Multiquick 5 with whisk attachment
Photo: Braun Multiquick 5
Photo: whisk attachment
(It is NOT a pre-requisite.  Stainless steel whisk can be used)
Photo: Stainless Steel whisk

Silicon spatula
Photo: Silicon spatula

Bowl and jar

Preparation including tool/equipment cleaning   1 hr
Baking     50 min


All Purpose Flour   57 g
Cornstarch     14 g
salt         1/4 tsp
3 medium eggs
sugar         160 g (divide to 2 equal portions)(original recipe using 200g)
Orange juice     2 tbsp water plus 1/2 tbsp orange juice, fresh made
vanilla extract     1/2 tsp
Orange rind     1/2 tbsp
lemon juice     1/2 tsp (as stabilizer)


Flour mixture
Sift all-purpose-flour, cornstarch and salt 5 times into a small bowl allowing the mixture aerated.
Photo: sift_strainer_IMG_0270.JPG


Heating the breadmaker without the baking pan plugged in to 350 deg F.  It takes 10 min on Kenwood Breadmaker BM450


Beating the egg yolks:
1. Whisk the egg yolks at low speed until mixed together

2. Then, add following ingredients in order
sugar       80g
orange juice
orange rind

3. Start whisking at medium-low and increase the speed gradually to high.  When the mixture becomes light in color, stop whisking.  It takes about 5 minutes.

On lifting up the whisk attachment, the mixture falls in a ribbon pattern sitting on top of the swirl for few seconds before sinking.

Photo: egg_yolks_aft_beating_IMG_0271.JPG


Folding flour into the egg yolk mixture:
1. Sprinkle half of the flour mixture prepared before over the egg yolk mixture and gently manual-whisk the latter to make a smooth batter, without beating.

2. Repeat with another half of the flour mixture.

3. Cover the bowl and set the egg yolk mixture aside.

Photo: folding_flour_mixture_IMG_0273.JPG


Beating the egg white:
1. Beat the egg white with the whisk attachment at medium-low speed until foamy.

2. Add lemon juice and continue whisking until the foam becomes white and opaque in colour.

3. Increase to turbo speed and add the remaining portion of sugar at the side of the container. Continue whisking until the egg white foams light and fluffy.

4. After stop whisking and lifting the whisking attachment, the egg white should fall on the surface of the batter forming a peak.

Photo: egg_white_before_beating_IMG_0272.JPG
Photo: egg_white_after_beating_IMG_0275.JPG


Folding the mixtures :
1. Add a small portion of the beaten egg white to the egg yolk batter and stir with whisk attachment lightly.

2. Pour the rest of the beaten egg white on the surface of the egg yolk batter.  With the silicon spatula, fold the mixture carefully avoiding the egg whites lost its size.

Photo: folding_egg_white_n_egg_yolk_IMG_0276.JPG


1. Scrape the batter into the baking pan and plugin the same in the preheated breadmaker

2. Bake the cake until the cake is well risen and firm.

3. The cake becomes golden brown on top forming a slight dome. 

4. Cool the cake in its pan on a wire rack for aprox 15 minutes.

Photo: sponge_cake_IMG_0277.JPG
Photo: sponge_cake_slices_IMG_0279.JPG

A nice orange sponge cake baked.  Actually the principle is similar to manufacturing foam rubber, making the rubber set before the bubbles burst.

I have following questions in anticipating to receive comment and/or suggestion;

1) If I need to make the cake more sponge what I shall I add or do?
2) I already reduce the quantity of sugar.  It is still too sweet.  If I reduce more would it be detrimental to air bubbles.  If YES what shall I do?
3) Can I add nuts OR seeds to the sponge cake before baking?


Happy Easter !!!!!!!!
Joyeuses P?ques (French)
Prospera Pascha sit (Latin)
Buona Pasqua (Italian)
?Felices Pascuas! (Spanish)


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prettycake - 05 April 2012 04:09 PM

You do not have an oven that is why you want to bake this Genois in a Bread maker ?

No.  I only have microwave oven which is NOT suitable for baking

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Gene - 06 April 2012 11:53 PM

Satimis that is remarkable. A very good cake.
I am not sure what you mean by more sponge. If you want it to be more airy and lighter then I would suggest cake flour if you can get it ......

Yes.  Unfortunately I don’t have cake flour.

On googling I found;
How To Make Cake Flour ? Joy the Baker

The original recipe calls for 1 cup cake flour.  After making some simple calculation I found;

1 cup cake flour equals;
All Purpose Flour   61.3 = 61 g approx
Corn starch     38.7 = 39 g approx

(It doesn’t need applying “differential equation” to make such a simple calculation)

Final Recipe
All Purpose Flour   61.3 = 61 g
Cornstarch     38.7 = 39 g

teaspoon salt   1/4 tsp
3 medium eggs
sugar         70 + 70 g
I further reduce sugar quantity.  I don’t have health problem neither suffering from obesity.  However too much consumption of sugar may bring a possible health hazard.  Precaution needs to be taken.  But sugar will help egg foaming)

Orange Juice     2 tbsp water + 1/2 tbsp fresh orange juice
vanilla extract   1/2 tsp
Rind         1/2 tbsp
white vinegar       1/2 tsp
fresh lemon juice   1/2 tsp
(I don’t have cream of tartar, Potassium bitartrate, therefore using both of above instead)

Beating egg yolk was without problem with previous beating result obtained.  But beating egg white the result was NOT so good (maybe caused by insufficient sugar).  The batter was NOT thick enough.  I have no alternative but to continue.

Preheating   10 min (Kenwood breadmaker BM450) bringing up the temp to 300deg F
Baking   50 min.

To my surprise a wonderful basic orange genoise was delivered to me finally,  dome shape on top, crispy and golden brown in colour.  The quality is even better than the previous cake.


Let us hear some nice music to celebrate:-
Funiculi Funicula (“Funicul?, Funicul?”)
a famous Neapolitan song written by Italian journalist Peppino Turco and set to music by Italian composer Luigi Denza in 1880

sung by Korean Tenor and Soprano:

Video flv
Music mp3

Still I have following problem:
The genoise sticks on the wall and bottom of the baking pan, difficult to remove.  I can grease the bottom but can’t grease four sides. The latter may bring inverted effect to the cake to set.  Any suggestion?

Other advice noted and thanks


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Hi Gene,

Thanks for your link.

Have another round baking G?noise with revised recipe as follow;

All Purpose Flour   37 g (reduce 24 g)
Cornstarch     23 g (reduce 16 g)
mixed and shifted 5 times

3 medium eggs, separated (egg white and egg yolk)
sugar         80g (for egg white beating) + 60 g (for egg yolk beating)
salt         1/4 tsp
Orange Juice     1 1/2 tbsp water + 1 tbsp freshly pressed orange juice
Vanilla extract   1/2 tsp
Orange rind     1/2 tbsp

Yogurt topping
Strawberry yogurt   145 g
Confectioner’s sugar   1/2 tbsp
Vanilla extract     1/2 tsp
Orange rind     5 tsp

Mix all of them in a glass bowl.

Home made contectioner’s suger
Refined sugar     1/2 cup
Cornstarch     1 tbsp

blended in a glass container (don’t use plastic container which will be etched by sugar) until smoking.  It is NOT smoke but the dust of fine suger powder.

To solve the problem of the sponge cake sticking on the baking pan after baking, difficult to remove, I bought some parchment baking paper.

What is parchment paper?

Cut a sheet of the aforesaid baking paper to T shape as shown in following photos;
Photo: T_shape_baking_paper_IMG_0291.JPG

Photo: T_shape_baking_paper_IMG_0292.JPG

Put the baking paper in to baking pan
Photo: baking_paper_in_baking_pan_IMG_0293.JPG

The batter will push the baking paper to the wall of the baking pan.
Photo: batter_in_baking_pan_IMG_0294.JPG

Photo: genoise_IMG_0295.JPG

Photo: genoise_IMG_0296.JPG

Its top collapses a little bid.  I have no idea of the cause.  I’ll scrutinise it when time allows.  However its quality remains unchanged, airy.

Photo: topping_IMG_0298.JPG

It is a very tasty topping.  Wonderful !!!

Let some nice music celebrate this simple basic Genoise

Menuet/Minuet from L’Arl?sienne Bizet.flv

Menuet/Minuet from L’Arl?sienne Bizet.mp3

flute accompanied by piano

L’Arl?sienne (Bizet)
(usually translated as ‘The Girl from Arles’) was composed by Georges Bizet

The menuet, which is not from L’Arl?sienne, but from Bizet’s 1866 opera The Fair Maid of Perth…

La jolie fille de Perth

This closes my adventure on baking Genoise in a bread maker/machine.  Thanks


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