Syrup for a Genoise to be assembled the next day
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Rose says if I syrup my Genoise a day before assembling the cake, it helps the flavored to distribute. I am sitting with one right now.  However, the cake is very tender and moist and I can’t figure out how to torte and fill such a pre- syruped cake.

What do people usually do if they are assembling the cake the next day?
Should I simply Saran wrap the cake as is, and the next day, trim/torte and syrup it? Or should I torte and syrup the layers, and then store the layers in Saran wrap for later use?

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What I do is wrap the layer before syruping them. You want to syrup right before you assemble the cake, and then serve the next day.  A syruped layer is difficult to handle.  I first split the layer into two. Then I syrup the top of one layer, flip it over syrup side down onto serving plate and then syrup the top. Next add the filling.  Then syrup one side of the second half of the cake, flip that over syrup side down, on top the filling.  Then syrup the top. Then frost the whole thing. I put the cake in a cake keeper in the fridge for 24 hours prior to serving.

I see you posted this the other day…sorry I didn’t see it earlier. Hope it was helpful

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