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Adjusting ingredients for pan size
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emdh - 11 June 2008 08:21 PM

I was delighted to receive The Cake Bible recently, especially after seeing so many positive comments/reviews on this site and Amazon. In looking through the recipes, they all look so fabulous that I couldn’t decide which one to make first. However, when I looked at some closely, I saw the notation about adjusting the ingredients to fit 2” cake pans if you want two layers; otherwise make one layer with cupcakes. So in order to get a 2 layer cake I need to figure out how much is one and one-third of 4-1/2 large egg whites, 1 cup + 3 T. sugar, and 1 T. and 1-1/2 t. baking powder, for example? I’m an experienced baker, but that’s just plain crazy. I can’t fathom that this book was revised not too long ago and the recipe ingredients weren’t recalculated so they would work with 2” pans, which is all that is available now. Or is it really not necessary to adjust the recipe (meaning make it as written, but using two 2” high pans) unless one is a total purist? I’d appreciate any feedback on the subject!

I always use 2” cake pans, and have never adjusted TCB recipes. They still come out perfectly.



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Thanks so much for your posting. I was originally hoping that would be the case, but since no one had said so, I was still in doubt. Thanks again!

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