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I am trying to figure out how I can get a yield of 110 cake portion slices on Rose’s Tropical Wedding Cake. It just seemed small from the photograph and when I stacked my cake pans, it still seem that I will fall short of 100 portions. I appreciate if someone can give me pointers to calculate portion sizes. Thank you.

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I like to use the cake sizing chart from Earlene Moore (; so for 110 servings, you could do a 14/11/8.  Or you could do an 11/8 and then have the biggest tier in the kitchen (just covered with buttercream, not the macadamia nuts)......


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Hi, Jack!

First, Welcome!!!!

As to portions—and you might know this already—but wedding cake portions are calculated much smaller than “regular” cake portions.  I guess it’s considered people will have recently eaten a meal and won’t be eating whacking huge slices as when serving, say, a birthday cake.  So when you see the serving sizes, remember they are rather small.  I think they’re approximately 1"W x 2"D x 2Layers Tall or, if one layer, then 2"x2"x1 layer deep.

That’s just from memory, though, so my figures might not be exactly right, but it’s far more pieces (and much smaller portions) than a 9x2-layer birthday cake serving about 12-15!!!!!

Happy baking!!


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Rose’s wedding cake portions are small—I think about 3/4” x 2” x (3-4” tall)—these are not dessert sized portions but a small tasting.  That said, I’ve always found the portions reasonable and if other sweets are available, more than adequate.  If you have The Cake Bible she goes over slicing and portions.  There are also websites with suggestions for this as well.

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