very dark ciabatta very good
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I made the ciabatta from BB, but had a lapse of vigilance and it was way beyond deep golden brown when I took it out of the oven. Deep chocolate brown would have been closer to the mark. It was great! I’ll do it again intentionally.


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I agree, Cathy.  I bake it on the stone until it is very dark at it has a really nutty flavour. Most people who buy it from me want the dark crust and eat it the same day it is baked.  I make mine sourdough as well, so great depth of flavour.

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SNAP Cathy! The 15th must have been a day of deep brown ciabatta worldwide!!
I just got my copy of TBB two weeks ago and have made ciabatta three times already!

I was distracted too on the 15th and my third one went deep dark brown. As you say it tasted wonderful though grin

I just love ciabatta and am so excited that I am able to execute (haha no pun intended!! ) it at home thanks to Rose.

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