Choo Choo Train in Rubber Silicone Mould
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Hi Everyone,

Here I am again, I made this train cake 3 times and each time I think I got the consistancy wrong…I was using a rubber silicone cake mould..I greased it with melted butter and spinkled flour….the third time it took 1 hr 15 mins in order for the cake tester to come out clear….this was with the following ingredients:

24 oz caster sugar
24oz Plain flour (as I used self raising first 2 times)
12 eggs
24oz butter/margarine
6tsp vanilla extract

when I made the cakes in the steel tins for my mam 50th using the above ingredients everyone said it was I wonder is this just the silicone mould?

the first 2 times it was gooey in the middle - why would this be?
And any recommendations would be brill ?
Geri (picture of the 3rd ttempt of train below in attachment - this is the one that was set properly on 1 hr 15 mins)

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Two thoughts-

First, your pound cake may need more help in the form of a flower nail or heat core.  In general, pound cakes don’t always do well in pans with a large span between the sides (tube/bundt pans and loaf pans work well).  It doesn’t sound unusual for a larger pound cake to need an hour or more to bake.

Second, the uneven browning is typical of silicone pans. 

If you were to switch to a chocolate layer cake recipe, such as the all-american chocolate butter cake in the Cake Bible, that might solve both problems. smile  A layer cake will hold up better in a wider pan (it has more structure in the formula), and the darker color will hide any uneveness in color.

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